World Changing with Sun Cable

7 December 2021

Phronis is proud to be providing engineering support to Sun Cable’s world-changing Australia-Asia PowerLink project by completing the civil works pre-feasibility study for the solar farm precinct (the world’s largest solar generation and battery storage facility) as well as assisting on facilities concepts in Darwin and Singapore.

We have partnered to deliver the preliminary civil engineering layout and concept design of the solar precinct and supporting infrastructure including rail sidings, airfield, helipad, road network, logistics hub, photovoltaic (PV) array, operational facilities, HV alignments, and positioning of substations, power conditioning systems and the voltage source converter. Phronis also delivered the infrastructure construction cost estimate, construction fleet estimate and fuel consumption estimate. As authors of the civil engineering pre-feasibility report, the concept planning work and costs information were drawn together to provide the basis for the next stage of development.

This really is one of those projects that will change the world and we are honoured to have been selected by Sun Cable to move the creation process forward and start making Sun Cable’s vision real.

Being involved brings real life to our purpose of inspiring delivery of world-changing infrastructure too.

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