• Cloud based organisation
  • Globalisation services
  • Leading tools and software
  • Mixed cultures and languages
  • Client feedback:

“Smooth professionalism.”

“This is exactly what we wanted.”

  • Pushing technical boundaries (i.e. world record conveyors)


At the core of our business is the desire to help companies find better ways to accomplish their business and engineering objectives and achieve stakeholder imperatives.  Created from research into what makes people, projects and companies perform, Phronis is a specialist firm with significant expertise in the provision of project management, advisory services and engineering solutions. Always and specifically in the current economic climate these solutions must be efficient and cost effective.

We understand infrastructure and that any investment in it, both large and small, in all markets can and should enable something greater for our clients, communities and people who engage and live with it. 

Good solutions require different thinking, and we see thinking differently as our edge.   Working beside our clients, we approach projects from a place of discovery, driven to deliver impressive, practical, valued and relevant solutions to each situation.  We think differently and value good judgement and ideas. 

Phronis is a pre-approved pre-qualified supplier under the LocalBuy procurement system:

  • LB279 – Project Management Services – Civil Infrastructure, Environmental & Waste Management, Strategic Planning & Program Management, and Water & Sewerage.
  • BUS262 – Engineering & Environmental Consultancy Services – Engineering Consultancy Services: Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, Traffic & Transport, and Water & Sewerage; & Environmental Consultancy Services: Waste Disposal & Recycling.
  • BUS272 – Business Management Services – Change Management, Economics, Marketing & Public Relations, and Strategic Organisational Planning Services.
Phronis Logo
Phronis Logo

“Does Phronis mean anything?”

It is a question we get asked often.

Read on for a minute to get a sense of why it means so much to us.

Phronis is based on the word Phronesis, a word in Ancient Greek philosophy often translated as PRACTICAL WISDOM.

Aristotle and Socrates explored the concept in detail, but there are 3 key themes of Phronesis that underpin what Phronis strives to be:

PRACTICAL ACTION: Phronesis is best known for a type of wisdom or intelligence. More specifically, it is wisdom beyond the theory – grounded in practical action and the credibility that comes with experience.

GROUNDED IN TRUST AND VIRTUE: Ancient Greek Philosophy talks of Phronesis as having both good judgement and excellence of character, and exists when a person has moral and ethical strength.

ENABLING A BIGGER PICTURE: Phronesis involves not only having the ability to decide how to achieve a certain end, but also the ability to reflect upon good ends that enable something better – ‘living well’. It is thinking, action and behaviour to enable a new context.

So, to us, Phronis means everything. As an infrastructure business, it is about thinking differently and delivering powerfully to create better futures. It is why we exist.

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