Charge where you are!®

What is SolarCBD®?

Brought to the market in 2022, Phronis Technologies (part of the Phronis Group) is pleased to present SolarCBD®, the missing piece in the current electric vehicle charging ecosystem by delivering off-grid renewable energy charging where you are.

Artist rendition: SolarCBD Charge Where You Are! 

Charge where you are!®: providing a range of charging solutions (full charge to replenishing daily usage) by charging the car while it is parked during the day, making best use of solar resources and EV downtime.

A smart, green initiative that uses 100% solar power to directly charge electric vehicles, the charging system can be installed across any location.

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Built by a team committed to providing sustainable renewable energy solutions for electric vehicle users, SolarCBD® provides guaranteed green energy charging, generated at the source to support a net-zero future.


Artist rendition: SolarCBD Charge Where You Are! 

A smart, green, off-grid solution that uses solar power to directly charge electric vehicles (EV).

The system

While existing electric vehicle charging stations rely on grid generated renewable energy, SolarCBD® charging stations can be powered by a directly connected solar panel and battery system ensuring only 100% renewable energy is used, offering a truly green power solution for electric vehicle users.

This off-grid system means the charging infrastructure can be located anywhere and be used at any time of day, reducing an electric vehicle users’ typical reliance on grid connected charging which generally occurs during peak electricity usage times.

It is also designed to take demand and pressure off the existing grid infrastructure, providing an EV charging solution that doesn’t need to be on it.

While SolarCBD® can be scaled to deliver a range of charging speeds, SolarCBD® is designed to encourage users to ‘replace’ the kilometres used on their journey to a particular location – such as work, shopping centres, train stations; eliminating range anxiety and making use of the car’s downtime during the day by reducing end of day grid demand spikes and associated costs. Charging becomes part of your day, green charging where you are, rather than an additional activity you need to do.

SolarCBD® EV Initiative – The Concept

A concept for 100% Off-Grid EV’s now and into the future:

Phronis engineered solution for design and construction proposal.

Based on existing technologies combined with researching emerging solar, battery, and EV technological advancements.

Seeking support and input from other ethical sustainability-focused companies, including government grant assistance and Solar / EV manufacturers and suppliers.


SolarCBD® – a sustainable, renewable energy charging solution delivering successful environmental outcomes for industry and the community.

On location

Built to directly charge a vehicle from solar energy, supported by an accompanying battery, SolarCBD®’s proven technology offers a unique combination to maximise efficiency and redundancy no matter the location, grid accessibility or weather conditions.   

For fleet users, its innovative design and proprietary software and programming optimises fleet charging and subsequent dispatch management, ensuring vehicles are ready to go as required by users.


The charging system is customised to client needs including fleet size and site requirements. Using AI to track each vehicle’s charging patterns, the system optimises charging behaviours ensuring prioritisation of charge needs and use.

Developed to provide a clean energy solution for clients with electric vehicles, SolarCBD® has been designed to be worry free with Phronis Technology able to provide a build, own, operate and finance strategy (or any variation of this) for a monthly fee. With limited capital outlay up front, companies of all sizes can take strong, bold steps to playing their part towards a net zero future. The system’s independence from the grid means SolarCBD® can be installed and operating within a few days – providing quick, efficient charging for clients.

Locations suitable for SolarCBD® include:

  • Retail and shopping centres
  • Government buildings
  • Local community spaces
  • Fleet management companies including car hire suppliers
  • Public car parks
  • Commercial buildings
  • …anywhere an EV will park during the day that can be supported by a solar array.

How could SolarCBD® help my business?

Speak with the Phronis Technologies team to discover how you can support a net zero future and ensure your building, retail or community space is electric vehicle ready no matter the location or time of day.

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