Renewable Energy Investments

solar panels in a field
18 June 2020

Creating value where the sun shines and the wind blows.

Phronis adds value to renewable energy investments

According to data supplied by the International Renewable Energy Agency and the Australian Clean Energy Regulator, Australia is the global leader in building renewable infrastructure. Building on our existing capabilities, Phronis is involved with several renewable energy projects across Australia and also putting their minds to new technologies that could support the storage challenges in the sector.

Building new renewable energy

Between 2018 and the end of 2020, it is projected that Australia will install more than 16 gigawatts of wind and solar energy infrastructure. That means renewable energy in Australia is growing at a per capita rate ten times faster than the world average and three times faster than the next fastest country, Germany.

“The sector is developing dramatically and will continue to mature further over the next 10 years,” said Phronis’s Senior Commercial Adviser, Peter Bradnam.  “This change requires all stakeholders to think differently at all stages of the project life-cycle about how value can be maximised from this infrastructure investment”.   As a business that drives itself to think differently about infrastructure solutions, Peter is part of an experienced team at Phronis who have partnered with contractors and clients alike to design and deliver a number of renewable infrastructure concepts and projects across Australia, working across feasibility, design and project delivery.

With this experience, as part of a broader energy strategy, Phronis continues to play a part in helping to expand Australia’s capabilities in the renewable sector.  Building from this experience, the team are continuing to explore and identify further innovations that could be brought to future projects, aimed at addressing some of the ongoing challenges in bringing these projects to market.

Solar Generation

As an example, Phronis has recently partnered with a major contractor to support the design delivery of a 60MW Solar Farm. The project included construction of a new solar photovoltaic (PV) generation facility and a transmission line linking nearby mining operations to the solar farm and battery facility.

Wind Generation

Last year, Phronis worked closely with an EPC contractor, providing design services for aspects of a project where over forty turbines will be deployed for a $300 million project, covering 5,000 hectares of land.  The wind farm is expected to generate 180MW, which is enough power to supply 138,000 homes locally.

Future projects and opportunities

Phronis specialises in providing innovative technical outcomes for their clients and has several current and future renewable infrastructure projects identified.

“We’re excited to be influencing the growth of this sector, and are looking for further project opportunities, including creating our own concepts which would see Phronis tackling the Achilles heel of renewable energy – storage” said Peter.

Phronis is proud to support the development of renewables projects, both in Australia and abroad. We are also developing our own concepts that could help tackle the Achilles heel of renewables – storage!

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