10 Years

16 May 2022

We celebrate many things at Phronis – cultural celebrations, project wins, delivery milestones, team achievements, learnings, losses! All the things that make us human and create a sense of belonging.

Today, we mark Phronis’ 10th birthday. 16th May 2012, we decided to put some real action into our vision into how we could influence infrastructure delivery for the future.

A lot has been achieved. A lot still to come. Like the child within all of us, reaching double digits is a pretty proud milestone. It has not been easy, but it has been tremendously rewarding.

Thank you to everyone who has formed part of our story over the last 10 years!. Our team, their families, our clients, business partners! Over the next few months we will be celebrating this milestone in many ways.

Cheers to 10. Cheers to more!.

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